How to create contents that gets traffic

07Aug, 2020

Everyone wants to bring more traffic to their website. But to win business you want to get the best type of traffic and engage them once they appear. To do that you need high quality, related content. Information that entertains your target prospects, adds power and makes them want to read it and come back for also later. After you create excellent content, you need to improve it by publishing it online so it grows in front of your wanted target audience.

To grow your readers and drive traffic, you want your content to grow virally opposite the area by having readers re-tweet, post masters, add comments, and publish to other blogs and social media.

Here are 4 Keys to creating content that drives traffic, interests prospects and has the potential to expand virally:

Understand What Your Customer is Interested In – begin by thinking of your customers. Make a list of the top problems your customers face, the top reasons they buy from you, the common frequent questions they ask, and the type of industry information they are several interested in. View at the search terms your target does when coming to your page. Visit some of your customer’s LinkedIn pages and see what groups they have joined and what treatments are most popular. Look at industry organizations, forums, and information they consume.

Make a List of Compelling Headlines – after reading what your target is interested in, make a list of “Headlines” to write about. Keep the list on file and start working your way under the list to create relevant articles and posts. Think of many ways to write short, impactful headlines. You can ask interesting questions, explain “How to” achieve an important task, make a “Top 5, 8, or 10 List”, share important or breaking news, learnings, or facts in the industry, or tell a story about a recent meeting with a customer who had a challenge or solved a problem.

Have “Stopping Power” – Successful review ads have stopping power. There is a lot of clutter, so advertisers know they need to GRAB your consciousness with a powerful headline and an eye-catching visual. The Internet is no different. There are two critical hurdles you must pass to get people to read your content. Instantaneous Attraction – Most website visitors make an urgent decision, in the first few milliseconds of arriving on your page, whether they will join and start reading your content or whether they wish click away. This instant attraction is driven by a powerful visual and compelling headline. Make sure you write good headlines and try to become an attention-grabbing image. Engaging Point of View – After to have “Checked” someone, they will spend about 30 seconds to 1 minute reading your first paragraph to decide if you have something that engages them, or if you are just regurgitating plain vanilla information they either already know or can get just around anywhere.

SEO Optimize Your Content – to bring the right target you need to use the right keyword terms that they will be searching on. Make sure you do your keyword research applying the right 2 to 3-word keyword phrases and also very specific 4 to 5-word keyword phrases. Use these keyword expressions in the headline, body copy, content description, and tags.

Promote Your Content and Create Backlinks – each backlink you have is a pathway that leads somebody and traffic to your content. Create as many links and pathways as possible by promoting your content over a wide variety of social media venues. Publish to Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and online production sites. Also, put links to the content in related blogs and forums. But make sure to only place links when the content adds rate and is on the topic so you build up a good reputation among the target audience.

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