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09Mar, 2020

If you spend nearby consideration of what Google Search Console Team said in their announcement email, you will regard that they suggest eliminating a majority of synthetic links and indexing a reconsideration request. The word “majority” is very exciting here. They don’t even announce how many links there are for relocation let alone transferring the file of those URLs. This means that you have to infer this by yourself. Many people would contend that this is not fair but… That’s a completely various topic.

Fortunately, there are some accessories online which can support you with this. I previously mentioned one of the most suitable (according to my knowledge) called LinkResearchTools. They have many marvelous instruments for all sorts of SEO jobs but this time I am departing to talk about Bond Detox because this tool can help you to eliminate any manual steps that Google delivered to your website. The Link Detox utilizes 25 link data sources and allows 97 metrics which can support you to better understand what’s working on with your backlink documents.

Step 1: Start Link Detox
The primary thing you have to do is to move a DTOX report. After you log in to your LRT dashboard, you will notice it under the Audit & Recreation section. Please recognize below.
Once you have accepted on that link, you will be redirected to a sheet where you can determine the settings under which you need this report to be executed. For example, you have choices to select the according:

to examine links going to a domain, sub-folder or page
to initiate or ignore No Follow links evaluation
to increase accuracy by determining the theme of the domain
to state, if Google sent you a standard spam activity or pattern spam links for the domain
to accept the DTOX mode: Link Profile Audit, Disavow File Audit or Link Opportunity Audit (What-if form)
to select if you need to upload your backlink files
to choose if you want to upload disavowed links or neglected links
to decide if you want to keep or dismiss your dropped links

Now, I am not running into detailed descriptions of these quoted items because you will have all the specifications on the report making page itself. Their information base is also very specific and important. Also, you can always move out for guidance by reaching their support team.

When you have selected all the wanted options, just click “Run Link Detox” and you’re able to go. After you run that button the report will prepare, arranging a time for completing the report differs depending on the number of backlinks for the domain in the issue. The more links, the greater the standing time. For example, has around 6.3 million links. That’s a LOT of links. Attempt to fix that in an Excel spreadsheet and do all the filtering manually. No package does. No action Jose.
Step 2: Explain the Results
If your backlink collection consists of various million links, then prepare yourself for a bit extended waiting time. Reprocessing such a huge amount of links isn’t a small business. It takes time and CPU power. Normally, I was waiting between 3 and 5 hours for this task to be completed.

Don’t bug. Thanks to smart DETOX algorithms and filtering laws you don’t have to run through all your links one by one and determine whether to deny them or not. As you can notice in the image below, out of 6,351,277 links, Link Detox has separated from this story 5,890,639 links because of extreme sitewide links and 89,560 of removed links. This means that we had to go through only a section (numerous thousands of them) of those links which force be causing us problems with Google rules. I know that this still cracks like a large number but this is much less than 6 million
Another great feature of the DTOX report is showing you the level of your Domain-wide Link Detox Risk. This is particularly useful for having a flash overview of your complete backlink portfolio and for planning the course of action that should be undertaken. After reaching our original Link Detox report, our DTOXRISK was high and resembled in red.

It tells outdated because this is an old record. LinkResearchTools software will always notify you if there’s a need to recalculate your records. Or, the complete information:
Here is the Combination of Link Detox Risk® (DTOXRISK®) ratings in Link Profile. It seemed similar in our first DTOX statement. Not very good, you’ll agree. We had to review and probably disavow around 11 thousand backlinks. This overview is beneficial for 2 reasons: it provides you with a shortcut to see extremely toxic links immediately and it offers an overview of your current i.e. how many links still want to be judged and disavowed and so ahead.
To spare you some time, LRT created Filter Slices innovation. This is a shortcut or sort of a bookmark that assists you to keep your filters for later, that is if you need to see only specific kinds of links you can instantly filter the data to only show those.
Now, after I explained all the superior options you need to be cognizant of (to start operating on your links) I am going to explain to you what I managed to remove the bad links.
Step 3: Disclaim Bad Links in LRT and Google Search Console
When you agree on “Bestow me these links” text in that report quoted above, Link Detox will filter out toxic links automatically and prepare them for you to reconsider them, just like in the table here. More specifically, it will only choose links with High and Above Average DTOXRISK.
After choosing links with Big and Above Average DTOXRISK, I would habitually do some more filtering to get the most toxic links head and to dispense with them as fast as possible. Solely because they are endangering our domain the most and we want to repudiate them ASAP. These further filtering laws were to filter out TOX1, TOX2, and TOX3 links. More information about DTOX rules you seat get on Link Detox Rules sheet. For instance, TOX1 would indicate that domain is not classified in Google which is often a symbol of a Penalty. TOX2 signifies that the Linking domain’s theme is listed as critical – malware or virus. TOX3 means that the DTOXRISK number for this link assumed is classified as manufactured by the Link Detox Genesis algorithm.
The next step of filtering would be to order Power*Trust dom sprouting. This means that I am only seeing at websites that are very exposed and don’t pass any link liquid or beat the low amount of link juice. You don’t require those kinds of websites. Even if you terminate the domain age column on the right, you will notice that those are chiefly non-indexed pages.

After I did all the filtering, the next step was to decide all the links by ticking the checkbox at the bottom left of the page and then further options appear like sample backlink report, bulk examines pages, add to predict blacklist etc. But the one I am involved in the most is the deny link. When I click on this link, all the before chosen pages will be regarded as disavowed in one snap of a mouse! How cool is that, huh?!

The error setting is to disavow pages. However, seldom I would require to disavow the entire domain because of sitewide links. This is also as easy as pie, I just require to click on a drop-down list in the Disavow line and select to disavow a domain and that’s it. I need to have a lively look of a page to choose whether to disavow it or not, I just click on the Link Detox Screener button and I am allowed a quick presurvey of a page in question.

And I was returning this process until I removed all the links/domains that had Great and Above Average DTOXRISK. Of course, I couldn’t liquidate all the links at once and in the first trial because there were too many of them. So, after repudiating in LRT, I had to recalculate the DTOXRISK and then upload the list to Google Search Console. Also, some new links were appearing and LRT software was creating new ones all the time.

The last action in this part of the method was to transport a Google Disavow file. The information is being downloaded in an accurate format and can be quickly uploaded to the Google Search Console. The form is intended for the Google Disavow tool, but some text editors cannot perform them perfectly. The suggestion is not to open the file in the Notepad, but to use Wordpad for the accurate layout.
By the way, this is how it seems when Google rebuffs your reconsideration appeal. After getting these emails, I wasn’t very happy but all I could do was to continue with the method of examination and disowning of bad links.
Step 4: Start Link Detox Increase
Regrettably, at first, I didn’t know that Google doesn’t concoct the repudiate file automatically. And because of this, I dissipated some precious time waiting for something to occur. And yes, it’s frustrating to play the standing game with Google!

Fortunately, I discovered Link Detox Boost! According to LRT knowledgebase, this handy tool forces the Googlebot to grow about and crawl the bad links I have previously disavowed and uses the Disavow company understanding what links not to include towards your site anymore. You can view the detailed description on how to begin a new Link Detox Increase report at this link. It’s pretty outspoken and no need for me to say anything further. Besides, it’s a lifesaver!
Level 5: Reconsideration Request supported by Google – we collected from Manual Penalty
After returning the above-described method over and over again, for more than a year, we have permanently got rid of the Penalty. This was a very pleasant moment! When I saw on my phone a new email from Google in the daybreak I began to sing. Literally. My wife thought that I’ve lost my mind, eventually. But I was especially happy! This is how it seems when Google recognizes your reconsideration appeal. Woo Hoo!

Even though they don’t ensure any developments in rankings or search outcomes (SERP), we have encountered a slight boost in SEO clarity after this Penalty was liquidated. You can see that in the image below.
And what is SEO perceptibility anyway?
SEO visibility is a metric that shows you what rate of all possible generative clicks (from SERPs) a website is growing for a given keyword. This is a metric selected from several related search factors that are applied to calculate how noticeable a website is in a search engine’s organic effects. In other words, SEO perceptibility is not to be followed in terms of raw traffic signs, but rather your site in the SERPs themselves concerning your opponents.
To use it, you only require to select the second option while firing a Link Detox statement. I also do this method regularly for our website because we declined by about 30% of the backlinks that we had. For the case, you can also set the record to refresh weekly. This article will tell you how to fix it
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